PEDB: Music Performance Expression with Phrase Structure

Music performance databases that can be referred to as numerical values play important roles in the research of music interpretation, analysis of expressive performances, automatic transcription, and performance rendering technology. We are creating and will publicly release a new version of the CrestMuse Performance Expression Database (PEDB), which is a performance expression database of more than two hundred virtuoso classical piano performances of scores from the Baroque period through the early 20th century, including music by Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, and Chopin. The CrestMusePEDB has been used by more than 50 research institutions around the world. It has especially contributed to research on performance rendering systems as training data. Responding to the demand to increase the database, we started a three-year project in 2016 to develop a second edition of the CrestMusePEDB. In this second edition, 443 performances that contain quantitative data and phrase information about what the pianists had in mind while playing the performance are also included.

1st edition 2nd edition
Project period 2007-2011 2016-2019
Primary Features digitalization of performance expression of individual notes in a piece pairing with a recorded performance and the player's interpretation of hierarchical phrase expression
Performances (1) 121(existing recording)
(2)121(original recording)
Total: 242
Total: 443 by 12 players
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