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Notes regarding use

Please comply with the terms and conditions of the Pledge, paying special attention to the ban on unauthorized redistribution.

Obligatory reporting of use

  • Please indicate clearly that the CrestMusePEDB has been used whenever reporting research results obtained using the database (in papers, publications, or derivative software). There are no particular stipulations on how such use is to be indicated, but a proper citation might be something like: "This research utilized the CrestMusePEDB."
  • When referring to a particular musical piece or musical instrument for research use and publication, please use the piece/instrument number (e.g., PEDB-DEV-inv001-001-a, PEDB-DEV-pld001-007-b) as defined in the references.
  • We request that you provide us with details of all reports relating to research based on the database, including academic conference presentations, media coverage, exhibitions, etc. Please use the format provided in the usage report (see for example the sample completed report) and e-mail this report to the e-mail address: admin [at]
    The contents of such reports will serve as a fundamental and important reference in developing similar databases in the future, and we ask that you kindly take the time to complete them.

Obligatory notification of changes to user's contact information

In the case of any changes to the user's contact information or other details provided on the Pledge, please notify us of the new details with the provided form. (Please refer to this sample completed form.) The form should be submitted by e-mail to: admin [at]

When discontinuing use of the database,

Please notice to the administrator (admin [at] and dispose of it in a manner that prevents it from falling into the hands of a third party.