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DB Structure

Description of the CrestMusePEDB is based on XML files.

CrestMusePEDB does not contain any acoustic signal data (wav files, aiff files, mp3 files.) Instead, CrestMusePEDB contains the catalogs of the performances (ASIN) from which, expression data are extracted. Please purchase the CDs over the counter in case of necessity.

The database consists of the following data.

  • PEDB-SCR (score text information)
    The score data included in the database: files in MusicXML format and in SMF (standard MIDI file) format will be provided.
  • PEDB-IDX (audio performance credit)
    The catalogs of the performances from which, expression data are extracted: album title, performer's name, song title, ASIN, year of publication
  • PEDB-DEV (performance deviation data)
    tempo changes, outline changes in dynamics, the delicate control of each note, deviation regarding starting time, duration and dynamics extracted from expressive performances. Performances from three to ten performers are analyzed. The data are described in DeviationInstanceXML format (