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Obtaining the PEDB

The CrestMusePEDB can be used after an "Application for Use" has been submitted through both e-mail (including a signed Pledge) in accordance with the following step-by-step instructions. Note that you must submit both the application form AND the pledge form although the database is being distributed for free. The database is available to download by Internet, but the download page is restricted by IP address. To access the download page, you must register your IP address in the pledge form.

Given the volunteer nature of this offer, circumstances may occasionally delay the distribution of the database or responses to inquiries; we ask for your understanding and patience.

1. Please download the following files:

2. Please read the Pledge and, if you agree with all of its stipulations, enter the requested information in the forms. You will not be able to use the database unless you agree to the Pledge.

3. Once you have entered all the required information in the Application form and the Pledge, please e-mail the forms to: order [at]

4. The CrestMusePEDB Administrator will determine whether authorization to use the CrestMusePEDB may be granted.

5. You will then receive e-mail notification of the acceptance of using the database. Please wait for this notification, which will be sent by the CrestMusePEDB Working Group, normally within one weeks of receiving the application.